Tecnique Impression One


Impression One,
Constant thermal stability

The Tecnique model that gives you a constant and repeatable thermal stability on all groups, that is simply unachievable for both traditional heat exchanger machines, and even the majority of the more ad – vanced multi-boilers. Thanks to the single full-touch 4.3” capacitive dis – play, you can simultaneously set the same temperature on all groups.

Great little ideas

Improve productivity of the barista minimizing the loss of time was the mission that led us while rethinking the ergonomics and functionality of three basic components of a professional machine: the cup warmer, the grid and the filter holder.


Width: 786,2 mm
Height: 476,6 mm
Depth: 619,9 mm

All for one…
… Multi for all

All VBM Tecniques are equipped with a genuine Operating System. This is an electronic interface where everything has been conceived to be extremely functional and intuitive, that has a speed of interaction between person /machine that will leave you speechless.Two OS versions for two models of Tecnique, OS ONE with a single display and OS MULTI for the model with a dedicated display for every TS System.