Tecnique Multi Impression


Multi Impression,
versatility and total control.

The Tecnique model that any Professional Barista would want and should have. It has a thermal precision and versatility that were unimaginable until now and a full-touch 4.3” capacitive display – for 2 to 4 groups as required – for the direct and complete control of extraction and all setting options of your Tecnique.

Great little ideas

Improve productivity of the barista minimizing the loss of time was the mission that led us while rethinking the ergonomics and functionality of three basic components of a professional machine: the cup warmer, the grid and the filter holder.

Thunder Steam + Analogic Keypad

Power and control

We equipped the machine with an interface consisting of buttons with a highly accurate response to the pressure that improves the sensitivity of the bartender and the control of daily operations.


OS Multi for Tecnique Multi Impression

Multi for all

We developed the operating system of the Multi Impression to thrill real professional Baristas. The management of all the settings and the workflow is disarmingly simple. Any element that can distract you from your creativity and work has been eliminated to ensure a unique experience. The full touch 4.3 inch capacitive displays will allow you to control the brewing temperature in an extremely precise manner directly on the groups, with a temperature profile that is constant and repeatable in all conditions