A mini professional

Cafemino is a “mini industrial roaster” carrying
all the advantages and superiorities of Toper
industrial roasters to table top.

It fits everywhere with tiny dimensions and roasts up to
6 kg/hr with premium roasting quality.

Upmost technology

Cafemino, introduced to the market in 2006 after a two-year research and development process aiming the highest technology in the smallest dimensions, uses the upmostindustrial coffee roastingtechnologies.

The safety, heat and energy control systems of Cafemino are the most efficient roasting systems of the world.

Premium quality

Cafemino roasts each and every kind of coffee beans in the world in the same premium quality.

Due to the special thermal control management of Toper, the aromatic elements of the beans and the caramel reactions are entirely obtained as they should be.

Big saver

Cafemino, using a special energy and running process, provides an energy save up to 30%.

Cafemino cuts maintenance and spare part costs minimum 10% with superior material quality and alsoweight loss 6% with brand new roasting technology.



  • Hourly Capacity :5 – 6 kgs / h (middle to dark roast)
  • Batch Capacity : 50 – 1,000 gr. green coffee beans
  • Roasting Time : 10 mins for brown roast, 12 mins for dark roast
  • Roasting Type : LPG, LNG or natural gas heated thermal transfer
  • Voltage (customizable) : 110 – 220 – 230 V / 50-60 Hz.
  • Gross Engine Power : 0.54 kW, 5.7 A
  • Temperatur Control : Digital controls and instruments, electronicignition
  • Number of Motors : 3
  • Color : Red, black, green or upon request
  • Body Type : Chrome, brass
  • Dimensions : 52 (w) x 81 (h) x 100 (d) cms.
  • Weight : 82 kgs.
  • Safety system : Electronic ignition, gas failure safety and pilot UL certificated electric panel and gas equipments Fire prevention system