Even if, as the Vibiemme Replica model, the Domobar has to be considered with full rights as VBM hystorical evolution in the field of high range domestic machines.

The Domobar model, as the Replica one, is a milestone in history of VBM brand.

A constant evolution going on for more than thirty years without interruption.

DOMOBAR – the philosophy under this project born in 1979 lies in its own name, which is also the strength of this professional espresso coffee machine (BAR) conceived fro home-use (DOMO, from the latin DOMUS=home).

The use of the same group – E61-VBM – used for professional models allowed espresso coffee lovers to use the brewing principles of thermosiphonic circulation and pre-infusion at home as if they were in a bar.

Domobar was born from a very risk idea: to use extraction principles of professional coffee machines – thermosiphonic circulation and mechanical pre-infusion – to create an espresso machine for home-use.

Domobar is a timeless success, the basic model never betrayed its philosophy during the three decades it went through.

In the meantime, the new models Super and Junior were born, and they brought all technologic evolutions VBM developed in the market of professional machines to tens of thousands coffee lovers’ home.

Domobar represents the “top of mind” in the range it itself created.

Together with the new concept of professional domestic machine, VBM was the first to develop and encourage the distribution terms of this range of products, giving birth to the coffee shops net and dedicated stores now well-established in many countries.

Domobar history goes beyond the concept of “success”: the first years of distribution were necessary to create:

  • The reference category of the product
  • The best way of distribution, since it cannot be sold from coffee machines dealers and there are no coffee shops nor specialized stores.

Strictly speaking about the design, Domobar model, as the Replica one, are a valid example of functional design: aesthetical study is constantly facing technical evolution, the aesthetic taste of the moment and the more and more professional approach to the product.



  • DIMENSION : 23x43x35 cm
  • WEIGHT : 15 Kg
  • STEAM BOILER : 0,5 Lt
  • COFFEE BOILER : 0,5 Lt
  • POWER OF ELEMENT : 1400w
  • HZ : 50/60
  • VOLTS : 100; 110; 200; 240