Victoria Arduino


Pure form

Pure form. A strong, powerful body and bodywork made in precious, noble materials. Athena Leva turns a coffee break into a precious and magical moment.

With its horizontal, moulded volume, Athena Leva fits comfortably on any surface. An original, unique piece that has made rational, linear style its main characteristic.

In line with the criteria for reliability that is Victoria Arduino, the Athena has made simplicity its strong point. And when the barista performs the traditional gesture of lowering the lever, thick, creamy and fragrant coffee is poured into the cup, with an aroma that makes the moment unique.



Athena Leva Two Groups:

  • Model Athena
  • Groups: 2
  • Power : 3000 W
  • Net weight: 60 kg
  • Gross weight: 70 kg
  • Boiler capacity: 15,2 lt
  • Dimensions: L 640mm A 710mm P 550mm
  • Packing dimensions: L 840mm A 580mm P 630mm
  • Body finishing: Copper, Chrome, Brass