Victoria Arduino - Prima

Eagle One

Black Eagle

Black Eagle adalah mesin espresso yang didesain untuk mereka yang mendedikasikan dirinya kepada kopi dan pembelajaran setiap hari, riset dan eksperimen untuk menyedu kopi terbaik dan memberikan pengalaman yang unik. Black Eagle adalah mesin espresso yang dipxakai oleh World Barista Championship sejak tahun 2015

White Eagle

Athena Leva

Eversys Cameo

The Cameo produces coffee and steamed/foamed milk as good as any barista can produce. The latest in Eversys’s leading-edge line of espresso machines that are known for quality, consistency, productivity and connectivity. Cameo adopts symbols of nature – be it earth, ocean or tempest. Colours and textures can be modified to reflect personal taste or environment, whilst retaining all the functionality associated with the e'range.
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Hario Espresso Machine

Thermo Block Double Boiler Espresso Machine
2 PID Controlled Double Thermo Block
15 Bar Maximum Pressure
4 Bar Maximum Steam Pressure
360 Steam Wand with 1 Nozzle Hole Design
2400 Watts
Weight 12.7 KG
3L Water Tank
58mm Group Head

Size 30 x 37 x 36

Custom Programmable 1 Cup and 2 Cup mililitre volume
3 Extraction Method: Pre-Infusion, Constant and Progressive
Programmable Water Temperature (88C, 90C, 92C, 94C, 96C)
Programmable Steam Temperature (128C, 133C, 138C, 143C, 148C)
Programmable Power Saving Mode Down up to 75% Less Power (30 minutes, 1 Hour, 8 Hour and 26 Hours)

Melitta XT-4

On the inside, the Melitta® Cafina® XT4 boasts the established Melitta Professional high quality standards. The stainless-steel brewing unit enables wear-free operation, increased piston contact pressure for espresso specialities, variable brewing times and a maximum net weight of 20 g for intense large quantities (double doses).
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Melitta XT-5

The high quality of the carefully selected materials, such as the 3 mm thick aluminium side panels and the robust industrial-quality touchscreen display provide low-maintenance operation and constant coffee.
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VBM Domobar

Domobar is the entry level model in our Home line. Ideal if you want to enjoy a professional espresso at home.
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VBM Lollo

VBM Technique R

Brasilia Festa

The fully automatic dispenser designed by taste professionals for catering professionals. Meeting the demands of versatility, drink quality, taste variety, ease of use and aesthetic appeal, this fully automatic dispenser is able to ensure an excellent relationship between investment and performance. Festa is beautiful to look at, easy to use, quick to clean and contains a fresh milk module, offering a complete menu with a variety of drinks for all tastes.
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