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A brand is more than just a logo. It is a promise that can build trust and drive sales. We develop innovative marketing strategies to keep our brands one step ahead of the ever-changing consumer and coffee industry landscape.

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For many years, many well-known coffee roasters and coffee makers trust Toper product in Turkey and abroad. Among some of the Toper Friends in the world are;

Artisan Roast, Black cat, Boca Java, Bradford Roasters, Café Brossard, Café Roma, Coffee Republic, Cool Beans Roasters, Dil’oco, El cafetero, Jim’s Organic Coffee, Jhon’s Coffee, La Hacienda, Mocha Beans, Mr Coffee, Portland Roasting, Raw Coffee, saloto, shaheen coffee, single Origin Roaster, Starbucks Coffee, Tchibo and Van Houtte.

Zicaffe USA, Italian Espresso Beans, Since 1929 Passion for coffee

In 1929, Vito Zichittela, a coffee lover and connoisseur, opened a small coffee roasting shop in Marsala, Western Sicily. The business was so successful – and the coffee so flavoursome and forthy – that he soon started selling in all Western Sicily, under the name of Zicaffe. Legend has it that he prossessed a trade secret to make his blends unique in taste and aroma. In 1971, Zicaffe’ became a limited company. In 1977, production was relocated to larger premises in order to enter a wider distribution network which first became nationwide, later global. For more that 80 years, four generations of the Zichitella family have carried on and expanded the business with the same passion ignited in the founder Vito.

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A wealth of experience, handmade, prestigious design, immediate delivery, original spare parts, wide product range, materially unique, and certified quality.

The level of technology incorporated into compak product assure optimum performance, which can be appreciated in the final result: grind quality. Compak apply the same level of attention to details, guaranteeing a professional grind.

Compak apply the latest technological advancements not only in the design, but also measures, controls and electronics.

Compak collaborate with the most renowned industrial designers, creating aesthetically pleasing and stylish lines that immediately transmits an impression of balance in our product.

Expresses our mission of developing environmentally friendly and economic water treatment products and services. A task we took on with the establishment of our company in 1990. Since then, BWT products and processes have set technology standards worldwide and today the Best Water Technology Group is Europe’s leading water technology enterprise.

For technological lead in all areas of water treatment the BWT-innovation centres are constantly researching, developing and optimizing processes for for filtration, filter media and ion exchange systems for demineralization, softening, decarbonisation, membrane technologies (micro, ultra, nano filtration, reverse osmosis), pure steam generators, pure steam generators, pure water distillation, UV-systems, ozone generators, ion exchange membranes, electrolysis, electro dialysis, electro deionization, chlorine dioxide generators and dosing pumps, which are used worldwide for the achievement of excellent water quality. With unique high-performance membranes for fuel cells and batteries BWT takes part in the design of a clean and sustainable energy supply in the 21st century.

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This beauty has a name, a shape, and a function. And also an essence.Victoria Arduino was founded in 1905 by Pier Teresio Arduino…

Nuova Simonelli Indonesia

Nuova Simonelli is an Italian company with experience and tradition going back many years. It has been making espresso machines…

VBM Indonesia - Toffin

VBM Indonesia – Toffin Indonesia, Vibiemme machines are not only beautifully designed, but also mechanically and technically superior cup results…

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KRUVE is comprised of engineers, product developers, designers, marketing specialists, and entrepreneurs. We have proven experience working…

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Originally known primarily as accompany that produces glass products, Hario (also known as Hario Glass) has been working to produce high quality coffee…


Since 1987, FETCO® has been one of the foremost brewing equipment manufacturers in the world and it continues to develop revolutionary…

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Technivorm-Moccamaster has for many years specialized in the manufacture of coffee makers. These coffee makers are all handmade, which means that…


Vitamix fuels passions. It’s why we’re the brand most trusted by professional chefs. But you won’t just find us in restaurant kitchens. You’ll also find us…


Located in Guangming New District of Shenzhen, Taycool is recognized as China National High-tech Enterprise and Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise…

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Starting up a successful gelato parlour is the dream of many, but often not everyone knows the potentialities and the issues of the industry. Comprital, thanks to it’s long experience in the field of handmade gelato parlours, helps you in creating, planning and implementing your gelato parlour.

We can deliver complete and exhaustive information to people who starts for the first time this business, as regards production and preservation of gelato: from the selection of ingredients to the indispensable tools for an artisanal gelato parlour. In short, all key points to produce a tasteful gelato optimising time and resources.

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An iconic Italian brand. Full of great feeling, passion and joy.. We are fully commited to safety, flavor and nutritional goodness.Our products…

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Ta Chung Ho is the best drinks to use high quality bubble tea (boba tea) products to customers. With a complete range of ingredients…

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We are proud of conveying the taste and quality of FO which is a Turkish brand in more than 60 countries. We produce newly developed…


Toffin flavors is premium specialty syrups, sauces and powder made with the finest ingredients, manufactured in USA. Toffin flavors were born…

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Cream whippers and charger systems are invented by whip-it’s original manufacturing partner in Switzerland in 1950’s. whip-it! Brand whippers and chargers reflect over 60 years of manufacturing expertise and the brand name is synonymous with the “cream charger” product category it’s self.

Discover the refreshing fizz of purest soda water, and prepare a variety of tasty drinks at your next cocktail party.


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